Employ our live staff to represent your office and maintain a highly professional level of client service.  We can even integrate our live staff with voicemail applications to direct callers to the type of call process that fits your practice.

Trial lawyer in court or busy with other clients and the phone keeps ringing?  Your staff is busy and you can't afford to let calls go to voicemail.
Don't ever lose another potential client this way.

Award winning service

twelve consecutive years!

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Are you guilty of letting your existing

and potential clients go to voicemail?

TAB AnswerNetwork can professionally answer your calls and efficiently deliver the message to you.  No more missed calls means perspective and current clients will receive the attention they are looking for to handle their legal needs.

No more call backs or lost calls.
We answer 24 / 7.

We can schedule appointments and consultations while the caller is on the line.