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TAB AnswerNetwork uses a Startel CMC automatic call distributor with both digital and analog interfacing for incoming and outgoing call traffic. Four PRI T1 circuits set up in hunting allow for maximum call capacity while at the same time providing redundancy should any of these circuits fail. Our call traffic routes through telephone company equiprment in two different counties to provide redundancy and minimize potential downtime in the event of telephone company equipment failure.
TAB AnswerNetwork's virtual PBX system also provides our customers with optional voicemail and automated call switching and transferring with the flexibility of both digital and analog interfaces.

For you this means no equipment to buy and no maintenance costs.

Our voicemail offers features such as your personal company directory, cascading notification,
and even message delivery to email as well as cell phones or landlines.
Our Generac 2000 series diesel generator with automatic transferring and UPS configuration allows TAB AnswerNetwork to remain in full operation even in the event of utility power brown-outs, black-outs, and even natural disasters.
Our equipment and infrastructure