The Case Against Automated Phone Answering Services

Have you ever been annoyed when having to deal with an automated phone answering service? Chances are, you probably have. Many services and specialists rely on automated phone answering services, which might come off as short-changing your clients, customers, and patients in the long and short run.

TAB Answer Network has provided accurate and reliable call processing services that assist our customers in their business relations with the people they do business with.

We are committed to providing a level of customer service that constantly elevates expectations. We always focus on the needs of your business and your customers. We’ve been doing what we do for over 50 years.

Read on for a few reasons why you should hire a service like ours instead of opting for automated phone services.

Have Respect for Your Caller’s Time

It’s important that, as a service or specialist, you always keep your customer, patient, or clientele in mind at all times. When you use an automated phone answering service, you could have your customers, patients, or clients waiting on the phone for long periods of time before they hear the option they need, and sometimes it’s not the exact option they need, which causes them to make an error, or even have to call back.

People Still Want to Talk to Human Beings on the Phone

Most people who’d rather hit the automated checkout line at the grocery store still prefer to talk to a human being on the phone. Often, automated answering services sound clinical, robotic, and their menus of options are more often than not counterintuitive and cannot possibly handle the bevy of customizations to handle each individual caller’s very specific needs.

An Automatic Phone Service Can Aggravate an Already Irate Caller

Have you ever been in a tense situation or were angry before you even picked up the phone to call a service or specialist? Then, when you get put in touch with an automated call service, this can alleviate the situation and cause you even more annoyance. Rather, dealing with a human being can often add clarity and levity to the situation, which will help you reach a resolution far quicker than a robot or automated service rightfully could.

If you have any additional questions about why you should hire a telephone service that features live receptionists, contact TAB Answer Network today. For over 50 years we’ve been effectively helping our clients connect with their customers more clearly and effectively.

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