3 Reasons a Human Should Be Answering Your Phone

When it comes to who (or in some cases what) is answering your phone at your place of business, it’s important that you’re connecting to your customers, clients, and associates in the correct way.

When it comes down to it (and this is particularly true of being on the phone), people just want to talk to another human being.

As more and more people who shop in grocery stores and retail spaces opt for self-service, automated check-outs in lieu of dealing with a checker, people still prefer not to have to navigate through a vague, often counterintuitive automated system while on the phone.

Below are a few reasons why utilizing a telephone answering service that features real receptionists is a great way to connect with your customers and grow your business without ever losing sight of the human element.

Adapting to the Needs of Each Particular Call

There are a ton of variables that go into successfully handling the needs of even the most basic calls from your customers and clients, which is why having a live receptionist handle your call processing needs is a great idea. Using TAB Answer Network is a way of letting your customers know that you respect their time — they won’t ever have to worry about navigating a vague, counterintuitive automated system.

Nobody Wants to Talk to a Robot

As we mentioned above, people want to talk to another human being when they’re on the phone 99% of the time. When you use an automated system, it comes off as clinical and robotic. Instead, connect more intimately and effectively with your customers and clients by hiring a telephone answering service that never loses sight of the human element.

Custom-Tailored Approaches Are Better for Your Business

A telephone answering service like TAB Answer Network is able to custom-tailor its approach to suit the unique needs of your business. As things change, we can adapt along with your business to put you in the place you need to be and stay connected to your customers and clients and keep superb business relations.

Never Mismanage a Call Again

With these automated telephone answering services, many calls can slip through the cracks due to mistakes, glitches, and even human error on the other end of the call. You can do away with this by having a live telephone answering service handle all your call processing needs.

If you have any additional questions about TAB Answer Network and the suite of call processing services we provide to all types of businesses, contact us today to learn more. For over 50 years we’ve been helping our clients better connect with their customers.

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