Best Creative Voicemail Greetings for Your Business

Your voicemail is often the first point of contact a prospect has with your business or practice. In cases of cold calls, your voicemail might even be your prospect’s first impression of your business or practice.

Your voicemail greeting is also a great opportunity to shed your business in a positive and distinct light.

1.) The importance of voicemail messages for your business

Your voicemail greeting can be a highly personal way for your business connect with your prospects, an opportunity to provide your clients/patients/customers with a personal, human interaction. You can play a little with tone to ensure that your prospects feel seen, heard, and taken care of.

2.) Small business voicemail greeting examples

There are many baseline examples and style you can use. Short-and-sweet, for instance, will telegraph the message to your callers that you respect their time and they can expect you to get right to the point.

Another style is the more informative approach, which might give your callers an alternate number to reach you and also have them provide varying amounts of their own information so you can better service them when you get back.

You can take a light and more humorous approach, or you can tell your callers that you’re busy assisting other customers, which telegraphs the message to your prospect that you’re in-demand.

3.) Creating the message

When you’re crafting your message, identify the information you need from your prospects and the information that they need from you. Provide and ask for that information. Having a real life human being record your message is preferable than leaving it to an automated greeting, which comes off as impersonal at best and lazy and impersonal at worst.

Pay attention to your callers, too. What are they saying anything about your greeting? Make sure you capitalize on those opportunities to retrieve any feedback to make your greeting even better.

Make sure to refresh your greeting every quarter or so. Clients/customers/patients appreciate that sort of thing.

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