Top 6 Reasons Businesses Need an Answering Service

There are many reasons your business stands to benefit from utilizing an answering service that is experienced and well-respected within the industry. You’ll immediately be giving your business some advantages over your competition.

Below TAB Answer Network goes over a few reasons that businesses can benefit from hiring an answering service like ours. For over 50 years TAB has provided accurate and reliable call processing service that has been crucial in assisting our customers in reaching their customer/client/patient relations goals.

We’re committed to providing an unparalleled level of customer service while never losing sight of the human element of what we do. We’re focused on the specific needs of a variety of businesses. Below are a few reasons you and your business should consider using our service.

1.) Because You’ve Been Missing Your Calls

If you’re in the essential service industry, medical/dental, retail, or even if you’re an on-the-go entrepreneur, it’s likely that you’re missing a call or two (or seven!) each day, which means you’re missing out on business.

2.) Because Missing Calls Makes You Seem Unreliable

If you’re not answering 100% of your calls, you’re going to come off as unreliable to your customers, clients, patients, and/or business associates. Hiring TAB Answer Network means that your calls are answered 24/7 by a professional answering service.

3.) Because Your Staff Doesn’t Like Answering the Phone

Over 80% of your staff doesn’t like answering the phone. It’s why your phone rings something like five times before someone from your staff takes the initiative to answer the phone. It’s not that your staff is lazy (they work hard!). It’s just that people get anxiety from the idea of having to represent the company or practice on the phone. Hiring a professional answering service gets rid of this problem.

4.) Because You’re Running a Small Businesses or Mom and Pop Businesses

When you’re handling and managing your business, chances are you’re not always available to answer the phone. You could be talking with a customer, or even on a call with a vendor or a prospective customer/client. Instead, leave your call reception needs to us. We can help you every step of the way and you can even customize our service to meet your distinct needs.

5.) Because You Started Up a Hot New Start-Up

Start-up business can especially benefit from our call answering services. When you’re out spreading your company message and representing your hip new brand, leave all your call answering needs to us! You’ll never miss a call.

6.) Because You’re a Large Company

Corporations get a huge amount of calls each day, so it’s a good idea for big companies and corporations to have a call answering service with a great reputation like ours.

If you have any additional questions about how TAB Answer Network powers businesses of all sizes and multiple industries, contact us today to learn more.

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