Why Better After-Hours Call Coverage Helps Convert Leads

In a world where people have just about an endless amount of options at their fingertips, it’s important that your business or practice sets itself apart by being reliable and responsive — no matter what time of day it is.

CBS news reported that about 80% of callers don’t bother to leave voicemails anymore, so it’s a bad idea to rely on your voicemail to be an accurate reflection of how many calls and opportunities are coming your way that you’re missing out on. Instead, it’s important to power your business or practice with after-hours call coverage.

TAB Answer Network provides a variety of phone answering services to a diverse set of businesses, from medical and dental practices to legal offices and business offices. We help our customers and clients handle their calls whenever the calls come in — whether you’re available or not.

Better Coverage

Relying on your in-house staff to handle all calls is asking a lot. Your business or practice will also suffer as a result — nobody is going to want to have the responsibility of handling your after-hours calls consistently. That’s where TAB Answer Network comes through in the clutch! We handle ALL of your calls, 24/7, without fail.

Better Lead Conversion

So maybe you have a staff member who is good on the phone, but can they deftly assist your business or practice when it comes to lead conversion? TAB Answer Network custom tailors our after-hours call coverage in a way that sets up your business to grow.

Increased Reliability

It doesn’t matter who you are, there are going to be moments when you can’t answer your phone. As a result, your business or practice is missing out on important opportunities to reach new patients and customers, not to mention retain the patients and customers you already have. TAB Answer Network makes ourselves available to ensure you’re able to capitalize on every opportunity and handle every need that might come up for your patients and customers.

TAB Answer Network has been helping a variety of businesses and practices achieve new growth with our suite of phone answering services since 1954. Call today to learn how we can help you optimize your call handling and lead conversion processes, ultimately putting your business or practice in a better position to thrive.

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