Advantages a Phone Answering Service Can Bring to a Small Business

Small businesses generally can’t afford to be extravagant with their overhead, which means that their in-house staff is generally tasked with wearing multiple hats, whether that be in an office, a medical practice, or any other work settings.

However, one great investment a small business can make right out of the gate is enlisting a top-notch phone answering service to handle their calls. Below, TAB Answer Network goes over a few distinct advantages a small business can gain from utilizing our phone answering services.

More Business

When you and your staff are no longer tasked with answering and handling every single call, you’ll be freed up to grow your business, and you’ll no longer be missing any calls, especially after hours. This means you’ll be able to capture new business that will spark new growth.

Save Dollars

Hiring a phone answering service will also save you a ton of money. Turns out it costs a lot of money to seek out, hire and train a new employee (on average it costs about $4,000, actually). An average receptionist will cost $26,760 or more a year in salary, depending on the region in which you live — and this does not include things like payroll taxes, medical/dental benefits, bonuses, holidays, sick days, not to mention workers’ compensation in the event of an accident. You’ll also have to have a backup plan for when your receptionist is sick or out of town. TAB Answer Network can spare you all of that time, money, and headache.

Enhance Your Reputation

By hiring a professional phone answering service you will immediately gain the credibility that comes along with working us — and we’ve been in the industry for over 50 years. Your patients, customers, clients, and associates will always feel taken care of when they call your business, and we do so in a highly professional manner that other services simply cannot replicate.

Never Miss a Message

We’ve streamlined our system to meet the needs of your business, and we can also customize our approach to meet your specific needs. We’ll make sure you never miss a message again.

If you’re like to learn more about Tab Answer Network, contact us today. We have a long track record of helping businesses achieve their goals and break new ground.

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