When Should I Hire an Answering Service?

Whether you own or operate a small or large business, chances are you have an idea of the administrative duties that come along with such a role. If your business starts to pick up, it’s important to have a plan in place to ensure that those important administrative tasks get done.

But what happens when you start to get busy and you and your team can no longer properly perform those administrative tasks? Answering the phones can become one of the areas that suffer as a result of your team being occupied. That’s when it’s time to start considering hiring a professional answering service.

Is Your Team Bogged Down?

If your team is starting to get overworked, especially if they are responsible for administrative work like handling calls and scheduling appointments, it’s probably a good time to start thinking about optimizing your operation. You can either hire a receptionist and pay a salary, not to mention benefits and sick leave. That can get costly real fast. It also costs thousands of dollars to train an employee. You’ll be able to cut all those expenses by using TAB Answer Network.

Are You Ready to Capture More Business?

If you rely on your staff and your after-hours answering machine to field all of your calls, you’ll most certainly be missing out on business. The average caller won’t leave a message and will move right on down the list to the next candidate. Hiring an answering service will ensure that you capture every call and convert more calls, helping your business, practice, or organization grow to astounding new heights.

Time to Up Your Professionalism

If you’re looking to up the prestige of your business, trust an experienced phone answering service to handle your incoming calls. Leaving phone service to your existing in-house employees will lack a certain consistency, especially if you trust the duty to more than one employee. Hiring a service like TAB Answer Network will unify your call handling capabilities and have you instantly present a high level of professionalism that comes along with using a phone answering service with over 50 years of experience.

More Lead Conversions

Answering more calls will equal more lead conversions, but TAB Answer Network can also custom-tailor our phone answering services to fit into your sales funnel. We have a lot of experience working with companies in a variety of industries and have advanced knowledge of collaborating in sales efforts. We’ll help you collect and capitalize on more leads.

If you have any additional questions about us and how we can help you capitalize on more business and grow your brand, company, or practice contact TAB Answer Network today to get started. We have an over 50-year track record of helping businesses achieve new levels of success.

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