Impressive Facts About Phone Answering Services You Probably Don’t Know

If you’re a business owner, manager, or even a member of a company, you’ve likely considered whether or not your organization could benefit from a phone answering service, especially if said company or organization is starting to grow.

TAB Answer Network would like to discuss a few little known facts that might impress readers when it comes to phone answering services, which provide businesses and those who work within them a variety of benefits.

Fact #1: A Phone Answering Service Saves You Tens of Thousands of Dollars

According to the Association for Talent Development, it costs about $1,252 to train an employee. Couple that with a salary anywhere from 35k to 60k (depending on where you live and the demand), and you’re shelling out some serious coin to have an in-house receptionist, which has some serious limitations.

An in-house receptionist can get sick, make errors, be in a bad mood, and your in-house receptionist won’t be working after hours for you, so you’ll still be missing out on potential business calls when you’re not in the office. With TAB Answer Network, you’ll save tens of thousands of dollars, not to mention capitalize on more business. It’s pretty much a double whammy!

Fact #2: They Give You a Ton of Options!

When you hire a live phone answering service, you’ll be able to have your messages taken (in the event you don’t want to be disturbed), not to mention have your messages transcribed, emailed, or even texted directly to your phone. You’ll never have to be interrupted yet you’ll never miss a beat, either.

You can also filter your calls by contact, phone number, as well as various levels of message priority — that way you’ll be able to get your work done and avoid any calls that end up wasting your time.

Fact #3: Phone Answering Service Improve Customer Satisfaction and Retention

If you rely on an in-house team to answer your calls, the work environment and circumstantial variables can hinder the way your team connects with your customers and patients. When the place is busy, chances are your customers aren’t getting 100% of your staff’s care and attention on every single call, which is what it takes to keep a good reputation. Phone answering services can help you achieve a level of consistency and a new level of professionalism that translates to your customers and callers.

If you have any questions about what your business stands to gain from hiring an expert phone answering service like TAB with over 50 years in the game, contact us today to learn more. We have a long track record of helping a wide variety of businesses achieve and experience new growth.

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