Top Business Advantages a Telephone Answering Service Can Provide

If you own or operate a business you likely have a philosophy about how incoming calls should be handled. However, maybe your in-house team members aren’t the best at handling the phones.

Enlisting the services of a telephone answering service is a viable option for businesses in a variety of industries, especially for companies looking to keep overhead and payroll down to a minimum. An experienced telephone answering service will act as an extension of your business and immediately give you a host of advantages that will help your company or practice reach new levels of prosperity.

Advantage #1: Make a Fantastic First Impression Every Single Time

A telephone answering service will give you the call consistency you need to make a great first impression with potential patients, customers, and prospective clients, not to mention reinforce the fact that your existing customers remain in good hands.

Advantage # 2: Free Up Your In-House Team to Focus on their Specialties

You hire your team of specialists to perform specific job functions and it’s a great idea to keep them doing what they do best. Not every one of your in-house employees are going to be great on the phone, but every team member of TAB Answer Network provides expert telephone answering services that take one huge aspect of running a business (answering the phone and directing calls) completely off of your shoulders, which means you’ll be able to focus that extra energy on growing your practice or business.

Advantage #3: Cut Costs Dramatically

Hiring an in-house receptionist is going to cost you a ton of money, plain and simple. If your business can afford to pay salary, training, not to mention benefits (insurance, paid time off, sick leave, etc.), then that’s awesome, but if you’re looking to save money, a telephone answering service will provide you with huge advantages that will ensure you come in under budget and increase your profit margins quarter after quarter.

Advantage #4: Customize Your Phone Answering Service to Suit Your Needs

One of the great things about a proper phone answering service is that it can be customized to meet your specific needs. You can set up departments and provide menu options, not to mention customize recorded greetings that reflect what is going on with your business or practice in real time!

Not only does hiring a professional phone answering service give your business many advantages, you might also be put at a disadvantage if you don’t have one.

Learn more about Tab Answer Network, one of the first businesses to implement computers to assist in providing a variety of call answering services for its customers. We’ve been a leader in the phone answering service industry since 1954.

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