Why Successful Phone Call Execution is Essential to Customer Service

Take a moment to think about the last time you were in the role of customer. When was the last time you visited a business point blank before calling them first? Is there nothing prominent that comes to mind? Okay, we’ll wait while you dig deep into your memory…

If you’re having trouble remembering the last time you visited a business in person before calling them first, you’re not alone. Over 65% of customers prefer to contact a business by phone, according to a recent survey conducted by West Corporation. Many businesses inherently will get more calls and a higher percentage of customers or patients contacting them first by phone, which is why it’s essential to always have your ducks in a row when it comes to your phone and call handling strategy.

If you have an in-house phone receptionist, it may be time to rethink this idea, because you’re likely spending a ton of money doing so when there really isn’t much of a need to. A reputable phone answering service will be able to help you more successfully handle all of your incoming calls, from both existing and prospective customers, clients, or patients, without any of the costs or resources associated with hiring, training, and keeping an in-house phone receptionist.

Below are a few reasons why effectively handling calls is crucial to the success of your business and why hiring a professional call answering service is a great idea for new businesses and established businesses alike.

It’s Important to Be Easily Reached

There’s no point in having a phone number if you’re never going to answer the phone. You’d be surprised by how many businesses fail to answer their phones on anything close to a consistent business, and a missed call can negatively impact your business in a variety of ways. Many employees who are not properly trained to answer phones might even let that phone ring instead of taking the initiative and answering the call. You never have to worry about this problem when using a professional phone answering service.

Customers and Patients Want to Know They’re in Good Hands

Many customers make their choices based on a gut feeling, so it’s important to make your customers, patients, or clients feel like they’re in the most capable hands at all times. You can’t afford to look like anything less than 100% professional, especially on the phones. A professional phone answering service will properly answer your phones and direct calls consistently.

You’ll Convert More Leads

Successful customer service on the phone should be geared toward converting leads and driving sales and revenue. Conversely, unsuccessful customer service on the phone will affect your sales and keep you from making quality connections with the people who your business or practice aims to serve.

Failing to successfully execute professional call handling could cause customers and patients to start talking about your business or practice in a negative way, too, and there are more avenues than ever to get the word out. When you’re great on the phones, it’s highly likely that you’ll end up getting quite a few more positive reviews.

To learn more about Tab Answer Network and how we help a wide variety of businesses operating in a multitude of industries more successfully handle incoming calls, contact us today. We have a 65-year track record of success and we’re ready to put our expertise to work for you.

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