5 Essential Benefits of Using a Medical Answering Service

Medical practices are hectic places, places that get a ton of action in the office, not to mention a place that has to field a considerable amount of calls throughout the day, each one presenting a distinct problem or challenge that needs to be addressed promptly.

Below, TAB Answer Network goes over some of the essential benefits that come along with utilizing a medical answering service such as ours.

1.) No More Missed Calls

A medical answering service will ensure that all incoming calls are answered. You’ll get all your messages, even after hours. If you’re relying on your in-house staff to answer every call, you could be missing key opportunities to grow your business/practice.

2.) Maintain Compliance

We’ll make sure that we maintain HIPAA compliance. HIPAA provides federal protection when it comes to Patient Health Information (PHI) held by a medical organization. We also recognize and protect health information of your patients that often needs third party communication.

3.) Reduce Staff

If you have a hefty staff on the payroll, it might be time to consider using a medical answering service. TAB Answer Network helps businesses of a variety of scales save time and money that comes along with hiring, training, and keeping an in-house receptionist, who will generally require paid time off, sick leave, health benefits, and more. Cut all of those expenses immediately by utilizing an experienced medical answering service.

4.) Focus on the Day-to-Day Operations of Your Practice

When you and your staff no longer have to worry about answering calls, it frees you all to focus on your patients and the day-to-day operations of your medical practice, which will help you grow your business and increase your involvement when it comes to what matters most.

5.) Achieve a New Level of Call Consistency

Relying on your own staff to answer calls is a less consistent way to present your business to your patients than hiring a medical answering service. TAB Answer Network provides the same level of excellent customer service on every single call that comes your way.

Contact TAB Answer Network today to learn more about who we are and what we do. We have an amazing track record of helping businesses achieve their phone answering goals.

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