How to Effectively Set Up a Business Telephone System

When selecting a business telephone system, it’s important to cross your T’s and dot your I’s. You have some important decisions to make, like deciding on the type of phone system you prefer, one that works best for your particular business. You also have to determine whether or not you need multiple lines, not to mention staff your office with an in-house receptionist, or select a professional answering service.

TAB Answer Network is in the business of helping companies more effectively connect with their customers, patients, and/or clients by providing quality phone answering services.

When setting up your new business telephone system, it’s important to configure calls so they route to your answering service, which will generally provide you with a phone number that you can forward calls to.

Whether you choose multi-line, cloud-based, or VoIP is up to you. Just make sure that your call network is able to handle the distinct needs of your business and field all your calls, routing those calls to the specific departments of your business that are designed to help.

When setting up your business telephone system, it’s crucial to make sure that all codes are verified, as different providers use different codes. You should also ensure that you create a customized greeting and include any applicable customized prompts. If you utilize a telephone answering service, it’s important that the service interacts with your customers as an extension of your business.

Your business telephone system should also be set up in a way that helps you convert leads, allows you to speak to multiple customers at one time, which will help your business grow to new heights.

As you finish setting up your business telephone system, you should be able to rest at ease that all your callers are in the very best of hands. When you rely on an in-house staff to answer your calls, you could be missing out on opportunities to convert leads. TAB Answer Network provides phone answering services for a variety of businesses. We can help you cut costs that come along with hiring, training, and keeping an in-house phone receptionist. Contact us today to learn more about our suite of services and how we can help your business achieve ambitious goals.

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