3 Ways a Professional Answering Service Can Improve Your Small Business

Starting a small business or running a small business can be an exciting thing, but it can also be a stressful experience as well. When you own/operate a small business, every second, every cent, and every customer counts.

That’s why hiring a professional phone answering service is a smart decision for any small business owner/operator. Hiring, training, and keeping an in-house phone operator/receptionist can cost a ton of time and a considerable amount of money on an annual basis. A professional phone answering service like TAB Answer Network will end up providing your small business with a variety of benefits, which we’ll go over below.

1.) Save on Payroll Every Month

As we said above, hiring and keeping an in-house receptionist is a pricey endeavor. An in-house phone operator requires benefits, sick-leave, paid time off, not to mention costs about $10,000 to hire and train. There also might be days when your staff isn’t feeling up to par, and it will more than likely come across to your callers. TAB Answer Network handles all your calls with the same high level of service and consistency. We also save you money that you’d normally spend on training, salary, and employee benefits.

2.) Free Yourself Up to Focus on Growing Your Business

When you leave all your calls to TAB Answer Network, you and your staff can focus on the more vital aspects of your day-to-day operations. We help businesses and business owners focus on what matters, not to mention give you time and space to enjoy your personal pursuits.

3.) After Hours Availability

When your business closes, you’ll still be in the mix when you work with TAB Answer Network. We provide after hours phone answering services that ensure your business is always within reach for your customers, clients, and patients. Never rely on your answering machine to capture and convert leads. With TAB your business will never miss a call or an opportunity again.

TAB Answer Network began in 1954 as a single service in Los Angeles, CA, growing into a multi service organization and one of the first to implement computers in order to assist our clients in providing a variety of call answering services. To learn more about who we are and how we can help your small business achieve ambitious new goals, contact us today.

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