A Closer Look at After-Hours Dispatching

The truth is, there are very few businesses and industries that work 24 hours out of each day. This means that your business, no matter what industry you operate in, has to have a plan for what you’re going to do when customers, potential clients, or existing or prospective patients call your place of business outside of your normal hours of operation.

You don’t want to leave this job to an answering machine due to the fact that many people do not stick around to leave a voicemail — they move on down the list to one of your competitors until they get the service and answer they need in real time.

Recent research conducted by Forbes revealed that 80% of callers don’t leave a voicemail when they reach a business’s answering machine. Many customers don’t believe they’ll get the service they need or a call back from a place of business, so why bother, right?

So how do you fix this problem you might not know you have? Simple. Hire the services of an experienced after-hours answering/dispatch service, which will bring a variety of impressive benefits to your company, increasing the value of your brand pretty much instantaneously.

Below, TAB Answer Network discusses some of the distinct benefits our clients gain from our suite of call handling services.

Boost Brand Loyalty

When your patients, customers, or clients know that they can reach your place of business outside of normal business hours, they’ll gain a new trust in your brand that they’ll often let friends and family know about, which will help you grow your business and your reputation.

Have an Answer When Your Competition Doesn’t

TAB Answer Network provides after-hours dispatch services that help set your business apart from the competition. We’ll help your team get to the bottom of problems and act as an extension of your business outside of your regular business hours, even helping with the conversion process when necessary. We can help you handle after-hours emergencies with precision and care.


TAB Answer Network provides dispatching services scripted to handle your most urgent calls, no matter if you have a one-step or a twelve-step process. We always handle your calls in a timely fashion and give your business the consistency you might be missing if you’re been relying on an in-house team. We even provide email response services for our clients who don’t have the time or space to call. We receive messages immediately and act promptly, helping your business operate when you’re on the move.

If you’d like to learn more about how call after-hours dispatching can help grow your business and help you achieve your goals, contact TAB Answer Network today to learn more about who we are and what we do.

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