Primary Functions of a Telephone Service

Telecommunications providers generally help a business process incoming calls on the telephone, whether they come in during your regular business hours or outside of those normal time frames.

Below, TAB Answer Network goes over some of the primary functions of an effective telephone service provider.

Call Relaying

Telephone answering services help field and transfer calls to appropriate personnel, freeing up your in-house staff to do what they do best. Most in-house employees, unless you hire an experienced in-house receptionist, do not have the proper call handling experience to make a customer feel like they’re in great hands when they call in to your business. Often, in-house employees might be in the middle of a task and come off hurried or in a frenzy to prospective callers. Many in-house employees have an automatic aversion to answering the phone as is. Instead, our front office services handle and relay calls in a timely and consistently excellent manner, so you and your in-house team can focus on the day-to-day operations of your business.

Call Screening

Many calls that might come in throughout the day or after hours might not necessarily be worth your time. Depending on call volume, you could be spending a tremendous amount of time dealing with automated calls, spam, and even wrong numbers. TAB Answer Network handles all calls… so you don’t have to. That way you can focus on more important things… like growing your business or practice.

Order Entry

A good phone answering service can help with online orders and interact with callers who are placing orders directly on your website. Many phone services can also provide dealer locator services in addition to order entry.

Scheduling Services

TAB Answer Network also provides scheduling services that help with event registration, whether it’s a one-off conference or an annual or monthly recurrence. We can also help with membership renewal and subscription renewal, not to mention assist you with appointment setting, appointment changes, as well as issuing any necessary reminders.

After-Hours Phone Services

Make sure that you go with a phone service that provides after-hours call handling so your customers, patients, and clients know they can turn to your business outside of normal hours of operation. We all know that emergencies tend to happen at inopportune times, and you can really set your business apart from your competition by being available when other companies are not. TAB Answer Network provides expert after-hours dispatching services custom-tailored to meet your distinct needs.

If you’d like to learn more about TAB Answer Network, our long track record of success, and how we can help your business grow to new heights, contact us today to learn more.

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