Ways to Make Your Business’s Voicemail Greeting Awesome

One distinct way to make your business stand out is by having a voicemail greeting that reflects the positive atmosphere your business creates. The voice of your business is a great way to establish brand uniqueness and to help your customers, clients, and/or patients feel like they’re in the very best of hands.

Having a great voicemail greeting for your business might mean providing a humorous tone if applicable, but it always means providing your callers with the essential information about your business, its hours of operation, and, not to mention, inspire your caller to leave a voicemail, which about 80% generally do not.

If you have a good voicemail greeting a caller is far more likely to leave a message, which will help boost your conversion rate. If your voicemail greeting is the first point of contact a caller has with your business, it’s important that you still make a good connection and that you’re able to handle the caller’s every need once you get back to them.

Focus on the Fundamentals First

Don’t bombard your caller with information in your voicemail greeting. Instead, try to only convey 3 key pieces of information, and be sure that you treat each caller as a potential lead, guiding them through some sort of sale-centric funnel. Make sure that you use a real person to record the greeting rather than an automated voice. Your greeting should sound confident yet relatable.

Cater to Your Target Audience

In your voicemail greeting it’s important to make your caller feel seen and heard. This means having a tone that is congruent to your target audience. If you have a specific type of customer, client, or patient, then your tone and language should be reaching them directly. In the end, you want your voicemail greeting to be warm, friendly, and, above all, inviting!

Get the Essential Information from Each Caller

An effective voicemail greeting for your business will get all the important information from each of your callers, whether you need their full name, address, contact number, or any additional information. Make sure your voicemail takes advantage of the opportunity to make your caller feel seen, heard, and taken care of, which will help increase your conversion rate.

In the end, it’s important to realize that nearly 80% of callers do not leave messages when they reach your business’s voicemail, whether it’s during your regular business hours or after your hours of operation. It’s important your customers, clients, and/or patients have a way to reach your business at all times. TAB Answer Network provides call handling services that act as an extension of our client’s businesses, helping them establish brand loyalty that will help a business grow to new heights and reach more ambitious goals. If you’d like to learn more about TAB Answer Network and how we can improve your business operations, contact us today and let’s have a conversation.

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