How Can 24/7 Order Entry Services Help My Business During the COVID-19 Crisis?

For businesses that rely on their customers being able to order products/services 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, even during the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s important to have an effective order entry process in place that is easy to use for those who are placing orders, not to mention properly implemented in your day-to-day operations. This is doubly important if you and your team are operating remotely.

Speed, accuracy, and customer service satisfaction are the names of the game in this scenario, where every business is tasked with being able to serve customers swiftly and without error, especially during times of crisis.

In such cases a 24/7 order entry service such as TAB Answer Network can be extremely valuable in helping businesses of any scale better reach and service their customers and clients, whether it’s a first time order, a return, or a recurring order.

Capitalize on More Opportunities

If you’re relying on call handling and your in-house team for order processing and order entry, then you’re missing out on key opportunities for orders that can (and will) take place outside of your normal hours of operation.

When you hire a service like TAB Answer Network you’ll automatically expand your business hours so that your customers can place their orders easily and successfully, whether they’re in your timezone or an international customer, whether you’re in the office or away. At the same time, you’ll be positioning your business to be better responsive during this uncertain time

Avoid the Cost of Hiring and Training More In-House Staff

It costs thousands of dollars for a business to hire and keep an in-house employee (even if you set them up remotely), and many of these expenses are done away with when you hire TAB Answer Network. We don’t require sick leave, vacation pay, and we don’t require any costly/time-consuming training.

TAB Answer Network 24/7/365 Order Entry Solution

We provide in-house software that allows you to process orders for one item or a hundred items — whatever your business needs for successful order entry. We’re also here to help you update and customize your products/services — even during COVID-19 closures; we’re here to help you successfully manage your catalogue in order to better serve your customers and help your business grow.

Many customers prefer to be able to do online ordering by placing orders directly on your website, especially while in self quarantine… and TAB Answer Network can help you facilitate this, whether you need website orders, catalogue & literature requests, or even dealer locator services.

Contact TAB Answer Network today to learn more about our order entry solution that will help your business better serve your customers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have a long track record of helping businesses just like yours achieve new and lasting prosperity.

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