Why Use an Answering Service During Coronavirus Lockdowns For Event Registrations?

We all know that event planning is easier said than done, and maybe it seems like it’s pointless to plan events while most of society is at a standstill. When you sign on to help put on an event, you’re automatically tasking yourself with a thousand tiny details to think about, which can have disastrous consequences if one thing goes wrong. Worrying about handling event registration yourself might be more of a headache than you think it will be, and maybe putting it off seems like a good idea right now.

However, this is not a proactive attitude. There’s a lot you can do during COVID-19 closures to set your business up for success.

Using a Phone Answering Service for Event Registration

Businesses of all sizes are using their phone answering services for event registration, which helps them better connect with customers and attendees, that way your event is packed and there are no open spots, which will help you maximize this amazing opportunity.

You can plan virtual events and conferences that will still have you connecting with your target audience.

Instead of making potentially interested parties embark on a labyrinth of options over the phone, we’ll help you get them to a live agent immediately, that way you can convert more callers and enhance your customer service prowess at the same time. We can help your customers, clients, or patients get to your event quickly and easily, so you have their full attention.

Empower Your In-House Team to Perform Essential Functions

Your time is precious and so is the time your callers spent on the phone with you, so it’s important to respect that. TAB Answer Network has a deep understanding of a variety of industries that helps us better serve our clients. We’re considered an essential business during this COVID-19 pandemic.

24/7 Event Registration Services

People might be interested in your event outside of your hours of operation, which is why TAB Answer Network provides 24/7 guest registration services to ensure that you don’t miss any opportunity. Our online registration solution will help you facilitate an easy sign-up process that keeps our current social distancing guidelines.

We’ll also help you make any announcements and make any adjustments as any live, in-person events get closer, that way, if things are still closed down, we’re ready to pivot. We know that changes can occur, which is why we help you stay adaptable, even in an event that you need a postponement or a rescheduling of an event to a date when we know for sure life is back to some semblance of normal again.

It might be tempting to leave this sort of thing up to your in-house team or to put it on the backburner until we all get back to business, but the truth is that business hasn’t really stopped. It’s better to allow yourself and your team of specialists to handle your day-to-day operations, which will help reduce overall stress and increase your team’s productivity during this tumultuous time.

Contact TAB Answer Network today to learn more about how we can help your business grow during the COVID-19 pandemic. Our event registration scheduling tool is now available for businesses like yours to take advantage of new and fruitful opportunities.

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