How Small Businesses Can Get Employees Back to Full-Time During COVID-19

During this time of coronavirus, which has grown into a certified pandemic, many small businesses have been forced to lay off or significantly reduce their full-time employee’s hours, which has left many folks out there needing government assistance in order to get by.

Many businesses are getting loans in order to continue to pay their employees, but not all small businesses have been fortunate enough to get any sort of assistance in hand. With some brands experiencing unprecedented demand, others find themselves struggling to get by. Just the same, many businesses are tasking themselves with saving money and growing their business, even during this time of pandemic, in order to restore their operations to full-scale.

Below, TAB Answer Network discusses how we can play a crucial role in helping small businesses and businesses of any size and/or scale improve their functions, save money, and get their in-house employees back to full-time employment.

Capture New Customers for Unprecedented Growth

An effective call processing solution will help a business not only handle calls during operation more consistently, but it will also help a business successfully handle calls after hours. TAB Answer Network makes our services available 24/7 for those in need. That means your business will be able to capture new business and retain existing business round the clock!

Get the Best Out of Your Staff

Hiring an experienced call processing service will free up you and your in-house staff to be more productive and focus on expertise instead of administrative tasks. When you and your staff engage more with necessary day-to-day operations, your customers/patients/clients will be more satisfied overall, which will help your business grow, even during uncertain times.

Grow Your Reputation

By providing a new level of top-notch customer service on a regular basis, your customers/patients/clients will have tons of glowing stories to tell, and many of them will online. Positive reviews will help convince new prospects to visit or utilize your business, which will help you provide an unprecedented level of support and consideration to your current and future employees.

TAB Answer Network is not only here to help you get your employees back to full-time employment, we’ll do our best to help put you in a situation where you’re considering hiring more employees, even during this time of global pandemic.

We provide everything from call processing to online order entry. Contact us today to learn more about how our services and solutions have been helping a variety of businesses grow in good times and bad since 1954.

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