3 Ways a Phone Answering Service Becomes Essential in the Time of COVID-19

With practically the entire world on lockdown, life, as we know it, has come to an unexpected halt. For businesses, this means closing their doors temporarily. To mitigate losses, businesses shifted operations from brick and mortar offices to online workspaces. This shift isn’t easy for most businesses, especially those whose online presence is limited to social media. In the blink of an eye, companies changed the way they do business.

How does this affect small businesses?

Small businesses do not have the financial resources that large enterprises have; thus, they do not have the luxury of waiting out the pandemic. They need to act and adapt if they want to survive this global health crisis that has wreaked havoc on national economies.

How can a phone answering service help?

In this time of the pandemic, businesses, especially small businesses, need all the help they can get. Concerning call or phone answering services, here’s how they can help with the virtual transition:

1. No call is left unanswered

First off, having a phone answering service taking care of office calls even as you’ve shifted to online operations to adapt to these unprecedented times, means you won’t have to go through the trouble of informing clients, customers, partners, and vendors that your office is temporarily closed thus calls won’t be entertained. This immediately eases the burden of transition.

Most importantly, when a customer calls you during lunch hour or office breaks, there will still be someone on the other line to receive the call. The callers won’t be subjected to the infuriating continuous ringing that will test anyone’s patience.

2. Calls are received in real time and acknowledged *IRL

When someone calls your office in the dead of the night, there will be someone on the other line taking their call; actually taking their call (and not being automatically diverted to a pre-recorded prompt). This immediately sends the message that every call is important and everyone who needs to talk to you for whatever reason will be treated like a VIP.

3. Orders are taken 24/7

One order missed is one order too many. With a phone answering service company like TAB Answer Network, you will never miss any order again. Their Order Entry service, for instance, can monitor and take orders, which they will then input on your website so you’re updated in real-time.

TAB Answer Network is here to help your business survive COVID-19

To learn how TAB Answer Network can help your business with its virtual transition, please feel free to contact us at (800) 880-4324.

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