Keeping Tabs on Calls: Top 3 Benefits of a 24/7 Phone Answering Service

With stay-at-home regulations mandated by cities, counties, or states, consumers have become more dependent on technology for all their needs. Be it goods or services, consumers rely on the internet and telephone to get what they need. For businesses, this presents the perfect opportunity to cater to the changing demands of their audience without having to budget for additional infrastructure or labor at their physical locations.

By simply hiring the services of a professional phone answering service like the TAB Answer Network, you can keep tabs on all your calls at a more affordable cost. What’s more, you’ll never miss an important call again. This means you can grab all the golden opportunities that come your way, especially since phone answering services offer round-the-clock monitoring.

Here are a few of the benefits of having a 24/7 call answering service as your partner in business:

1. You can have a better work-life balance as you work from home

Work-from-home arrangements have made everyone busier than ever because now, they have to simultaneously juggle work and taking care of the kids. This translates to several things: First, you’ll be exhausted even before evening falls. Secondly, you’re bound to miss important calls and messages. And lastly, the quality of your work could suffer.

How does a 24/7 call answering service fit into the picture? With a 24/7 phone answering service, you can rely on, you will have given up a huge chunk of your daily tasks; delegating this to someone you can trust. This frees up some of your time to take care of your other responsibilities.

2. You can target after-hours customers

According to statistics, the peak buying time of consumers online is between eight and nine in the evening, often extending up to 10 pm. This timeframe is probably because around this time, the kids are already asleep, and tasks and chores are done. This is perhaps the quiet time that allows individuals to focus on what they need to buy for the home, the kids, and themselves.

With a 24/7 call answering service keeping tabs on your business during peak hours, you won’t have to lose a customer because of unanswered calls. Plus, TAB Answer Network can take care of your order entry, too.

3. You are considered a reliable business

When someone is always on the other end of the line ready to take calls, consumers will get the impression that you are always available for them, and that you’re someone they can rely on. In these trying times, reliability is a strong driver for success.

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