Special Live Answering Features Your Business Will Benefit From

Firms offering live answering services are thriving, many companies have accepted the service as an essential adjunct of their business solutions. More are contemplating acquiring the service, and if you’re one of those business owners thinking about it, there’s a lot you need to consider before deciding whom your service provider should be.

Call answering service firms deliver the same basic task of receiving and answering calls or messages for their principals. You may have to choose one that has a lot more to offer, such as the following:

Live answering every day of the week

Service providers generally operate during normal working hours. Some may offer extended hours but only for a limited time beyond 5 pm. There are those, however, providing live answering 24/7, a feature that would render your business open to customers anytime every day—holidays and weekends included.


There are wide price variations among competitors. Some charge flat rates and demand extra for added features like blocking spams or solicitations. Similarly, requiring bilingual services constitute an additional feature where you’re billed monthly or separately on per call basis. Look for reasonably priced services.


Instant delivery of messages

messages must reach you promptly. You need to look into this because not all providers quickly relay messages. The sooner you receive the message, the better. This will allow you to prioritize which call to return.

Blocking nuisance calls

Answering all incoming calls is difficult and can be a waste of time when most are spam or calls from telemarketers. These unwelcome calls congest phone traffic and constrain genuine business callers from getting through. Target service outfits with call blocking capabilities. You may also prefer a provider that won’t charge extra for blocking nuisance calls, which otherwise could be costly to you.


Operators based in the U.S.

Look for U.S. based operators, not overseas. With many corporates having outsourced abroad, language and cultural barriers abound, which has gotten clients increasingly worried their queries and concerns won’t be addressed or handled with the care they expect.

Bilingual operators

If you aim market expansion to include Spanish speaking communities, then it’s worth shortlisting a service provider manned with bilingual agents. Speaking to customers in their native language will sit well with your business objectives.


In short, look for a live answering service equipped with features you require and provide the service at a price most affordable to you. Kindly contact us via our website or at (800) 880-4324 to learn more about how TAB Answer Network can be of assistance to you. We’d be happy to hear from you!

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