Top 3 Recommendations for Improving Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry

Patients know that doctors, nurses, and every other professional working in the healthcare industry are their partners in maintaining and improving their health. Healthcare professionals, on the other hand, especially doctors, took an oath to protect each patient’s health, ensuring they receive the treatment they need if and when this need arises.

Each one understands that they are partners in maintaining good health. However, issues could begin to arise when healthcare practitioners and patients don’t work as a team. How can this be improved? It starts with improving customer service. Here are a few recommendations:

1. Improve communication skills

In every relationship, including professional relationships, communication is the glue that holds everything together. In the healthcare industry, proper communication with every patient is key to a successful relationship with them. When a customer/patient feels neglected or their needs are overlooked, there’s a good chance they won’t return. In worst-case scenarios, this bad experience will turn the patient completely away from all types of healthcare services.

2. Acknowledge the patient’s needs

About the above, good communication means listening to what the patient is saying and addressing their needs accordingly. Understandably, some professionals in the healthcare industry will feel overwhelmed and overworked especially if the facility is understaffed. However, professionals also need to understand that whatever the facility lacks is not the patient’s fault; that they go to a clinic or hospital for whatever health issue is troubling them and they trust that their needs/issues will be properly addressed at the facility. If they feel the staff is disregarding their concern, they may begin to lose trust in healthcare professionals.

3. Have a system for record-keeping

An effective system for record-keeping ensures that every patient’s medical profile is updated. Having updated records ensures that the doctor or healthcare staff has all the necessary information to enable them to make an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, using previous information as a basis for treatment and medications. This also ensures that the doctor is aware of allergies to medications and other health issues that could affect the patient’s present treatment plan.

How is your healthcare facility coping with patient consultations and inquiries during this time? Delegate tasks to outsourced staff to ensure all your patients receive the attention they need.

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