3 Reasons a Live Answering Service is Better Than Automated Response

As a customer, what’s the one thing that could make you switch loyalties? Chances are, you’ll say poor customer service, and you are not the only customer who thinks this way. Businesses should understand that one client’s bad customer service experience doesn’t only translate to losing one customer; it could mean losing more customers, both current and potential. In a nutshell, a poor customer experience creates a ripple effect that could be difficult to subdue.

Live customer service representative vs automated response

Nothing says poor quality customer service more than giving your customers an automated response. If a customer took the time to reach out to you, the least you can do is to give them the time they deserve, too. And that means having someone answer their call “live,” instead of relegating the task to an autoresponder.

Here are more reasons why a live answering service is better than an automated response:

1. You connect with customers on a more personal level

When you give an auto-response to an inquiry, your customer will likely leave without looking back. But when an actual person answers the call, you immediately make a connection and you likewise make the customer feel important; and when you regard their business as important, you dramatically reduce the risk of them switching to another brand.

2. Live answering service is customized to your needs and goals

Before managing your business’ customer calls, live answering agents undergo training to ensure they are delivering the kind of service that you require for each of your customers. This means they will be trained to represent you. To put it another way, they will deliver service to your customers like they are part of your team.

3. Calls are always promptly answered

An automated response is but one of several other things that could make you lose a customer. The other is making the customer wait for their call to be answered. If you queue up the call and make them wait for more than three minutes, you’ll not only get an irate customer, you’ll lose important business. With a live answering service solely dedicated to answering calls 24/7, your customers won’t have to wait long for someone to pick up. Additionally, after-hour calls are also answered by a live agent. This means no customer call will be left answered; someone will always be there regardless of the time of day.

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