Top 3 Ways a Live Answering Service Makes Remote Teams More Efficient

If there’s one thing that businesses have learned from COVID-19, it’s the fact that one must learn to adjust and adapt to survive the changes that will inevitably come one way or another. In the years past, changes were more focused on technological advancements. These days, changes come from COVID-19, to put it simply.

How has COVID-19 changed the business landscape? In a nutshell, companies were “forced” to shift to a digital platform if they want to survive the pandemic, and with this shift come issues associated with managing remote teams. A live answering service could just be exactly what you need to efficiently manage your remote workers.

Here’s how a live answering service can also make your remote team more efficient:

1. Seamlessly connect teams across different locations

When you have a dedicated live answering service team to receive and dispatch all calls from multiple locations at different time zones, remote teams can easily connect without going through different points of contact or calling different numbers. The live agent will take care of all calls and direct the caller to the right personnel without delay. This makes for a seamless connection for everyone.

2. On-call office receptionist

You can request a live answering service for specific times of the day, which means you can have someone taking late night and early morning calls. Or you can also request round-the-clock call monitoring. Whatever schedule you decide, you can have an on-call office receptionist for your remote teams. About the above, what this means is that your remote teams will have one point of contact, thus eliminating the tedious task of searching for the right number to call to connect with a specific person or department.

3. Eliminate call distractions from clients

There are times when a client wants to talk to you about changes in a project or additional service requests. Whatever it is, they sometimes call one of your remote workers because they have talked to them in the past. Calls like this are a huge distraction for your remote team, which also affects their productivity and efficiency. Instead of giving clients access to your remote teams, you can ask them to contact the company through your dedicated live answering service team. The live agent can answer queries, take messages, or connect the caller to the right department, as necessary.

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