Top 3 Work Issues That Emerged in the Time of the Pandemic

Several months into the global pandemic that caught the world by surprise, businesses, especially small and medium businesses, find themselves struggling to stay afloat. Those lucky enough to still be in business are now scrambling to address the unique challenges that emerged due to the pandemic to keep bankruptcy at bay.

Companies that offer live answering services provide the necessary support for these struggling businesses. Below are the top three work issues that emerged in this time of COVID-19 and how a live answering service provides the appropriate solution:

1. Limited manpower

One of the most difficult decisions that business owners had to make during this time of the pandemic is letting some of their people go to cut costs. With limited manpower, important tasks could be overlooked or neglected. A live answering service is a cost-efficient solution to this issue. Not only will you have a reliable and professional team of trained agents to take care of all your office calls but you’ll also cut down on overhead costs as this service only costs a fraction of what you would be paying an in-house front office team.

2. Repetitive customer issues

With changes in operations, your customers will have a lot of questions. And as they try to adapt to your new way of delivering goods and/or services, they will likely contact you to explain to them how these changes will affect the way you cater to their needs. This scenario isn’t unique to one customer only; the majority of your customers will likely feel the same, which means they will contact you for the same issues and questions. A live answering service will be on hand to handle these types of calls, which frees up your employees’ time and allows them to focus on more important tasks.

3. Employees calling in sick

When an employee calls in sick, the protocol these days is to ask the employee to stay at home, rest, and recuperate. They will also need to observe their symptoms and if necessary, self-quarantine. When this happens, you will need to shuffle your other employees so the absentee employee’s tasks will be covered. Other important parts of operations could suffer. With a live answering service on standby, however, you can have one important aspect of operations handled professionally: office and customer calls.

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