3 Ways a Virtual Receptionist Saves Small Businesses Money

Business owners are always open to suggestions and recommendations on how to save on operational costs, especially for owners of startups and small businesses. And cutting costs and saving money has become an even more integral part of business ownership in these trying times. Here’s something to ponder on if you own a small business: Should you hire the services of a virtual office receptionist to take care of your business calls?

Before the pandemic changed the world as we know it, a virtual receptionist may have been the last thing on your mind but now that you find yourself—as do other business owners—in such dire circumstances, outsourcing your office calls could be the very thing that keeps you in business. Here are some of the ways a virtual receptionist is a cost-effective solution to managing office calls:

1. Eliminates the recruitment process

One of the most expensive and tedious parts of finding the right receptionist for your type of business is the recruitment process. When you hire the services of a professional virtual receptionist, you eliminate the entire hiring process, which saves you time, money, and effort.

2. Eliminates company-sponsored training for new hires

Another process that all new hires will need to undergo before they can officially become a part of your organization is the training process. Without proper training, your new receptionist won’t be effective in their job even if it is only to take calls. A virtual receptionist will be trained at the expense of their company, not yours. Once they get on board, they’ll be ready to hit the ground running, so to speak.

3. No equipment to purchase and maintain

Overhead costs for in-office employees cover everything at the office that helps make them productive. These include office furniture, computers, utilities, even pantry staples; and equipment. With a virtual receptionist, you’ll have one less in-office expense to think of. So not only will you be having one less person or team to pay for, but you’ll also be eliminating the need to have all the necessary equipment for a front desk.

Ultimately, with a virtual receptionist, you won’t only save on operational costs but you’ll also give your employees time to focus on their specific tasks as they no longer have to worry about call interruptions.

Let us help you become more productive in these challenging times!

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