Do you have effective customer service? Here are 3 questions to ask yourself…

Any business owner knows that customer satisfaction is the ultimate make-or-break yardstick by which all aspects of the business are measured. It doesn’t matter how great your product is, if you have poor customer skills, customers will eventually leave. In other words, you shouldn’t simply rely on your products to encourage loyalty.

With that said, do you know if your customer service is effective and satisfactory? Here’s how to find out:

1. How many customers do you really know?

One of the reasons customers stay loyal to a brand is the way the company makes them feel special. And for loyal patrons, the VIP treatment isn’t only measured in discounts and freebies; customers also consider how welcome you make them feel whether they walk into your shop or call you on the phone.

Knowing your customers means knowing their preferences, and knowing what makes them happy not only about your business but also about the little things in their lives they may have shared with you. Why is it important to know these things about them? Because it shows you’re paying attention to them. So check how many customers you and your team know.

2. How often do you get repeat customers?

Repeat customers can grow your loyal following. Repeat customers here aren’t referring to your list of loyal patrons; those you’ve had the pleasure of doing business with for years, but rather, it’s those who come in for a second or third purchase. How frequently do you get this type of customer? Pay attention because after the second or third purchase, you have the opportunity there to inspire loyalty, so make sure your team is ready for that.

If you’re not getting repeat customers as often as you’d hoped, your customer service skills could be lacking in some areas. It’s time for an internal check.

3. What do customers say about you?

Customer feedback is still one of the most effective ways to know whether or not your customer service is satisfactory, even exceptional. How often do you receive compliments? How many times have you heard the same complaint about your customer support service? It’s important to gather actual customer feedback as this can help you work on your weaknesses and further boost your strengths.

Note: Concerning the above, check how long customers are made to wait before their calls are picked-up by your representative. Ideally, your office receptionist or customer service agent should pick-up the call at the second ring, third at most.

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