Three Reasons to Boost Customer Experience During a Crisis

Several months into the pandemic, people have become even more worried, restless, and agitated. All of a sudden, the line that helps you achieve a feasible work-life balance has disappeared; and work-life balance has once more become an ever-elusive dream. Consumers staying at home working and being teacher and parent at the same time find themselves almost at breaking point. Overworked and overstressed, little things become triggers. For businesses, this is a critical pain point that must be effectively addressed.

Customer experience can either encourage lifetime patronage or instant regret; and any business worth its salt knows customer experience has the power to create such a strong ripple effect that could have them reeling or rejoicing from consequences for years to come.

On that note, here are a few reasons why businesses should boost their customer experience during a crisis:

1. Compassion speaks volume about your company culture

When a customer calls you for assistance, do you give them the time and attention they need at that moment, or do you make the customer feel rushed and unheard? The way you handle their concerns shows how much you value them. When you take the time to listen to their concerns and provide them with the assistance they seek, it shows that yours is a company that truly cares for them. This little attention could go a long way in terms of customer retention and loyalty.

2. Customer experience can spread like wildfire online

The internet has made information access so easy that consumers have learned to rely on it for everything they need, which includes critical customer feedback. A poor customer experience can go viral in a matter of seconds, and before you know it, that one negative feedback has spread like wildfire, engulfing your reputation in flames. But the good news is that positive feedback can just as easily spread. So one highly satisfactory customer experience can break the internet and make you an overnight sensation.

And with everyone staying home these days, you have to ensure that your online reputation is at least worth four stars.

3. You gain one loyal customer, you gain their family

Much like how positive feedback can go viral in seconds on the internet, so too, does a face-to-face recommendation to family and friends. When a fur parent is happy about how you helped them find the right product/s for their pup, you can be almost certain they will recommend you to their friends, family, neighbors, and even strangers. In this day and age of the internet, it still pays to heed the importance of word-of-mouth advertising.

Of course, a critical factor to boosting customer experience is having the right team to handle your calls, monitor orders, and dispatch.

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