3 Ways an HVAC Answering Service Boosts Business for Contractors

When your phone is constantly ringing, you hardly get any work done. This is true for all workers across all industries; but when your business requires you to literally get your hands dirty in order to do an exceptional job, how will you take the call? Such is but one scenario, from a myriad of others, in the life of an HVAC contractor or technician. And this is how a professional call answering service can take the responsibility off your hands; by answering business calls for you no matter what time it is and regardless of whether or not you’ve got your hands full with job orders at the moment.

How a professional call answering team helps boosts an HVAC service business

1. Job order requests are taken in a timely manner, and subsequently scheduled

Small businesses cannot afford to lose business. A single job order that you neglected to either book or work on because you’re working on current job orders means lost income, and as a small business, every dollar counts. When you have a professional call answering agent monitoring orders and helping you schedule them so no one gets neglected or overlooked, you mitigate the risk of losing business to a competitor.

2. Building your network of loyal customers becomes easier

Service contractors don’t have it easy in terms of building their network of loyal customers. They will have to prove their mettle first before they can even be considered for another job order by the same customer sometime in the future. While this is true for any business, with service contractors it’s more difficult because they personally deal with each customer so when they fail to do a good job, the fault falls solely on them.

When an HVAC contractor doesn’t have to worry about work interruptions because of calls, they can focus more on the work at hand thus allowing them to give each job their best every time.

3. No costly overhead expenses

As mentioned above, every dollar counts for small businesses, which is why anything that allows them to save is always welcome. The problem with an in-house receptionist is you pay them regardless of how many calls they took care of for the day. When it’s not busy season for your HVAC business, you’ll still be paying your receptionist’s salary. With a seasonal call answering service, you only pay for services rendered as stipulated in the contract. When the agreement ends, your monetary responsibility ends as well.

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