3 Ways a Live Answering Service Outperforms Automated Response

In business, quality trumps quantity every time. This is especially true where your customers are concerned. Being given the personal touch is what will encourage them to be loyal to your brand and company. An exceptionally good customer experience will give you rewards far beyond your expectations. So when the question of whether or not to hire a professional call answering service for your office calls or create automated responses for customer calls, always keep in mind the kind of experience you want your customers to have.

To elaborate, here’s how a live answering service outperforms automated responses:

1. Customer experience is personal, not personalized

When businesses automate responses, they personalize and customize each one according to specifics, i.e., product inquiry, service application, request for repairs, or bill inquiries. This type of personalization/customization isn’t personal, so it won’t have a “personal touch” when you answer the customer’s call. There is no live voice that they hear on the other line; and right there and then, customer experience is diminished.

2. Customers know they can always count on you

A customer’s first experience with your customer support service will pretty much determine whether or not they will call again. Imagine a customer calling you for the first time and getting a recorded voice prompt to tell them what to do next. This lack of personal interaction, as mentioned above, diminishes customer experience.

On the other hand, a pleasant first call could lead to several more in the future, which easily translates to this particular customer becoming a loyal patron simply because of a wonderful call experience with your customer service. Simply put, if a customer knows they can always count on you, you can be almost certain you can count on their loyalty, too.

3. Shorter hold time

The problem with automated responses is that customers often have to go through several “stages” of the call so their concern can be appropriately funneled to the right representative. And usually, the customer will be made to wait a long time before their call is finally picked up. This means subjecting them to looping instrumental music, which customers take as a sign to hang up when heard in the background.

With a live answering service team trained to answer calls for your specific business, hold times are considerably shorter, and customers won’t be subjected to an endless stream of prompts before they can be directed to the right representative.

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