Top 3 Employee Concerns That Emerged in the Time of COVID-19

Safety is the No. 1 priority of everyone these days as the threat of COVID-19 remains. This goes without saying that employees returning to work at their physical offices have a few apprehensions as they fear returning to work will expose them to the virus and increase their risk for contracting the disease. These are valid concerns and ones that employers should address before asking their teams to return to work.

Some businesses, however, have turned to external services to help them out during this time of the pandemic. Services like order entry for instance, are ideal for monitoring orders coming in late at night up to the wee hours of the morning before regular work hours start. Such simple steps can already have a significant impact on sales; but the more significant impact is felt by the employees as easing their workload may help boost morale within the organization. This is a positive step towards showing employees that the company is invested in their well-being.

Here are the top three concerns employees have about returning to work and work in general:

1. Safety

As mentioned above, safety is a top concern for employees. They want to make sure the company has taken all the necessary precautions to ensure the workplace is a safe and healthy space for them; making sure to keep the threat of COVID-19 as far away from them as possible. That said, in-office workforce shouldn’t be at full capacity every day to maintain physical distancing. Employers can develop a plan where employees can work from home on some days.

2. Job security

After safety, job security is the main concern of employees not only in the country but around the world. As businesses, including long-established ones, started closing shop for good, employees fear their company will be next. If or when it happens, they fear they will no longer be able to support their family, pay bills, and pay mortgage. It’s an event that will negatively impact all aspects of an employee’s life; and based on what’s been happening around the world, it’s a legitimate fear.

That said, they will report for work every day even if they fear for their own health and safety; believing they have to show up in order to keep their job.

3. Employer benefit if they contract the disease

One of the biggest fears that any employee has is what will happen to them if they contract the virus? Who will pay their medical bills? And should anything happen to them, what financial assistance will their family receive from the employer? Employers should be upfront about such things before asking their employees to return to their physical work station.

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