5 Ways to Motivate Employees in These Extremely Trying Times

In these uncertain times, how have you made your employees feel? Do they know that you’re someone they can always count on just as much as you count on them to keep your business running? Challenging times call for extra measures to keep your employees motivated; but more than this, you need to take whatever steps are necessary to encourage loyalty. How do you that? Check our recommendations below.

Keeping employees motivated in the time of COVID-19

1. Be generous with your praise

The pandemic has impacted people in different ways. Some may have developed low self-esteem. Others may have become moody or sad more than usual. Whatever it is, one thing is clear: the pandemic has had a negative impact on everyone. That said, now is not the time to be critical of your employees because they, as much as you, are coping with the pandemic as best they can. Instead, be generous with your praise. Let them know you appreciate their efforts for sticking by you and continuing with their work despite the unimaginable challenges they have to deal with every day.

2. Personally thank them for all they do for the company

Following health and safety protocols (physical distancing, frequent hand-washing, and wearing of masks that cover the mouth and nose), visit on-site and field workers to personally thank them for all they do for the company, emphasizing their continuous work during the pandemic is nothing short of heroic.

3. Pay them on time

Yes, these are challenging times and yes, your business may not be as profitable as it was before the pandemic but this doesn’t mean you should be remiss about payroll. Your employees should be paid on time for work rendered, regardless of whether or not they clocked-in regular hours.

4. Extend their insurance coverage

Enhance, improve or extend your employees’ insurance coverage so they won’t be burdened with financial responsibilities should they become ill or get into an accident. They need to know they and their families will be taken care of should anything happen to them. That said, you can also consider setting up an emergency assistance fund for your employees to help with expenses not covered by their insurance.

5. Ease their workload

For tasks you can delegate to others, consider working with professional outsourced services to give your employees more time to focus on their actual jobs. Such outsourced services like front office call answering service and order entry at certain hours will already ease their workload by a considerable degree.

The point of all these is to let your employees know you appreciate them and you are grateful for their contributions to the company.

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