Top 3 Unhealthy Work-from-home Habits to Avoid

More than a year into the pandemic, not much has changed in terms of work-from-home arrangements. A lot of businesses are still operating fully or partially on a virtual platform, which means employees are still working from home most of the time.

If your staff has been working remotely since the onset of the pandemic, it’s important to keep their health in check. Start with reminding them about work-from-home habits that could be putting their health at risk. TAB Answer Network lists down the top five habits to avoid while working from home:

1. Sitting behind the computer all day

There are pros and cons to working from home. One of the top pros is that you don’t need to get dressed for work on most days. You can get out of bed and go straight to your computer to start work for the day, and therein lies the danger of developing the unhealthy habit of staying glued to your computer all day; only getting up for bathroom breaks and to get food from the kitchen upon which you’ll settle in from the screen again and start working and eating at the same time.

Not only will this behavior lead to unhealthy eating habits but also lead to a sedentary lifestyle, which are both factors for developing life-threatening diseases like cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

2. Unhealthy eating habits

For most employees who are only now going through the work-from-home experience, the situation can be stressful because now they have to juggle both work and family simultaneously. Usually, employees feel there’s not enough time in a day to accomplish everything they need to do, both for work and family, which ultimately means not taking a break from work to eat a full, healthy meal. Grabbing the nearest junk food and eating in front of the screen while working has become the new norm in most households.

As mentioned above, unhealthy eating can lead to a number of life-threatening diseases.

3. Forgoing “me” time

Now more than ever, it’s important to take care of your mental health. The pandemic has caused everyone undue stress and anxiety. Add to this the lack of physical connections with friends and family, and you could be looking at an inevitable nervous breakdown. That said, you need to take time to focus on your needs. Give yourself a break, so to speak. Meditate, do yoga, watch a favorite show, or simply close your eyes and relax. The key is to do these things uninterrupted; relegating it as your “me” time.

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