Phone Etiquette in Business: 5 More Tips to Keep Calls Professional

There are various reasons why companies fail to encourage brand loyalty but the one that almost always tops the list is poor customer service. Contrary to popular belief, product quality isn’t always the one deciding factor to motivate customers to keep coming back for more. Often, it’s poor after sales service that dissuades repeat customers. And believe it or not, phone etiquette plays a huge role in how a customer perceives your company.

On that note, here are more phone etiquette tips on how to maintain professionalism in every call thus encouraging customer satisfaction:

1. Always start the conversation with a warm and sincere greeting

As a representative for the company, you have to set the tone for the conversation and that means starting things on a positive note. Greet the customer with a warm “Hello” (refrain from using “Hi” as this is informal and won’t come across as professional), and then proceed to say the company name as well as your name.

2. Let the customer share their concern without interruption

Ask the customer how you may be able to help them and then pause to give the customer the opportunity to state their concern/s. Do not interrupt while the customer is talking. Wait for a pause or wait for their cue and then politely address their concern. If they interrupt while you’re talking, allow them to finish what they’re saying before continuing on with what you were saying.

3. Maintain your composure

The conversation itself is kind of a tricky situation as you’ll never know what mood the next customer will be in, so remember to always keep cool and composed, especially when the customer is becoming just a bit rude or impatient.

4. Do not engage in personal conversation

Not engaging in personal conversation simply means not going beyond the customer’s concerns. Do not share anecdotes about your child or the cute onesie you bought for your dog. If the customer shared something personal, acknowledge it but remain noncommittal. Remember to keep the call professional especially since you are a representative of the company.

5. Enunciate your words and avoid using slang/buzz words

Properly enunciate your words and speak slowly and softly so the customer will understand every word you’re saying. You want your words to be clear and easily understood to avoid confusion. Refrain from using slang or buzz words as well. Maintaining professionalism also means using the right words and saying these using the right tone.

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