Small Businesses During COVID-19: Reasons to Hire a Call Answering Service

Managing a small business is challenging enough, especially if you’re still in the initial stages of establishing your brand; but managing a business during this time of the pandemic poses a lot more problems than one can anticipate or ever imagine. That said, small business owners should accept assistance where they can, and seek it when they need to. This brings us to professional services small businesses can outsource to help them manage the business and make operations more efficient.

One such outsourced service that has become more popular of late is a professional call answering service. Here are but some of the ways a small business can benefit from a professional call answering service:

1. Calls are managed by a central/dedicated team

When the pandemic struck, businesses had to learn to quickly adapt in order to survive, and this generally meant shifting operations to remote work. When your team is scattered all over the city or even region, it will be challenging to get everyone to clock-in at the same time, especially since each one is dealing with their pandemic-driven challenges. This is where a professional call answering service comes into play. Regardless of whether or not every member of your team is online at the same time, there will be a dedicated team that will manage all your office calls.

This translates to two things: customer calls are promptly answered, and business opportunities won’t be missed as every call will be answered.

2. Every call will be directed to the right personnel

With the sudden shift to remote or virtual operations, getting hold of the right personnel for a specific task has become a challenge. When you’re dealing with a time-sensitive issue, every second counts. If the customer, client, vendor, or business partner isn’t immediately directed to the right personnel, you could lose critical business. But when you have a trained, dedicated team to handle your business calls, you can rest assured that calls aren’t only handled professionally but more importantly, are promptly forwarded to the right personnel.

3. All calls are logged and monitored

As a business owner, you know that every call matters, which is why you want to keep a record of them for future reference. A professional call answering service not only answers and directs calls promptly, they also keep a record of all your calls, which means you won’t have a difficult time tracking down an important caller. All your calls are logged and monitored for you.

TAB Answer Network is your partner in managing your business during this time of COVID-19. Please feel free to contact us at (800) 880-4324 for questions or inquiries.

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