Remote Work Challenge: Maintaining Productivity

While businesses have started re-opening and employees are returning to their physical offices, there are still businesses in the country and around the world that have opted to retain work-from-home arrangements for their employees. And while most employees naturally prefer this arrangement, they find that there are days when they are struggling to accomplish tasks.

The challenge with remote work is staying productive in an environment teeming with distractions. Here are a few tips on how to maintain productivity while working from home:

1. Set clear ground rules for everyone at home

It’s important for your household to respect the line that separates work from home; your work space from the rest of the house, if you will. When you’re in work mode, your kids and your spouse need to respect that aspect of your life (something they may have never seen until the pandemic-enforced lockdown). If you have young kids, this may be a bit more challenging. Discuss arrangements with your spouse about taking turns looking after the kids while both of you work from home; or make arrangements with other adults (even your teenage kids) in your household.

2. Work on a fixed schedule

For those who are doing remote work for the first time, working on a fixed schedule may seem challenging, even impossible, but those who’ve had years of experience working remotely will be the first to tell you that working on a fixed schedule is one of the best ways to maintain your productivity. Think of it as programming your mind and body to be productive and creative at specific times of the day. Additionally, having a fixed work schedule makes it easier for you to schedule time for your family as well, and even your “me” time once in a while.

3. Ease the workload

This one is for employers and business owners. You can help your team maintain or even increase their productivity by easing their workload. This will be particularly helpful for employees who are still struggling to cope with the changes brought on the pandemic. Those tasks that you can delegate to outside services, for instance, can immediately lift some of the burden off your employees. You’ll be surprised how something as seemingly simple as taking customers’ calls or answering online queries can rob your employees of precious time they could have used accomplishing tasks.

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