Tips on Managing Work-from-Home Stress

For a lot of office employees, working from home sounds appealing especially since they no longer have to drive or commute to and from work every day. At the onset of the pandemic, working from home appealed to employees but once the novelty wore off, performing tasks and completing projects became a daily struggle.

That said, here are a few tips on how to manage stress from working from home:

1. Create a morning ritual

Rituals are different from routines. Morning routines are more like habitual behaviors you do everyday like brushing your teeth or taking a shower upon waking up. Rituals are more deliberate; and they have more to do with your mental and emotional (or psychological) well-being than your physical health or hygiene.

A morning ritual that relaxes and energizes you sets the tone for the day. Meditate, do yoga, or simply sit still and visualize a positive day (however that may be for you) for a few minutes before you get ready for the day’s tasks. Your morning ritual puts self-care first, which benefits not only you but your family, too.

2. Take “real” breaks

While it’s tempting to grab whatever you can from the kitchen and eat in front of your computer so you can finish all your tasks on schedule, this behavior is actually counterproductive because not only are you depriving your mind and body of the rest it needs after working all morning, but you’re most likely depriving your body of its much-needed nutrients too since you’re not taking the time to cook healthy meals. You might even be reaching for the nearest junk food to stave off hunger for a few more minutes so you can finish the task at hand.

Take real breaks as if you were at the office. Take an hour off for lunch and a 15-minute rest in the morning before lunch and in the afternoon about two hours before you finish work for the day. (Note: It’s important to stick to a daily work schedule as much as possible, so your body knows when it’s time to rest and relax).

3. Avoid non-work-related tasks during office hours

Answering calls from friends or family, receiving deliveries, bathing the kids, feeding the dog, cooking, and doing the dishes while working will affect the quality of your work. During work hours, try to avoid doing non-work-related tasks, so you can focus on work. Or if this can’t be avoided, factor these in with your daily schedule. The important thing to remember here is to avoid overlapping tasks from work and home. Do one thing at a time.

And for business owners, managing work-from-home stress could also mean assigning specific tasks to a professional service provider like a call answering or order entry service. Need more details? Feel free to contact TAB Answer Network at (800) 880-4324.

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