Team, Timing, and Tasks: The Three T’s of Starting a Business

Any successful business owner will tell you that launching your own brand is serious business, which basically translates to learning everything there is to know about your business idea, chosen field, target audience, and everything in between.

To get started, here are the top three T’s every new business owner should focus on: team, timing, and tasks. Narrowing down your partial to-do list into these three categories can greatly help identify important factors and elements you need to incorporate into your business plan.

1. Team

First off, your overhead cost is one of the biggest expenses in your budget so consider your team carefully. You can go about in three ways: build a full in-office team, outsource services, or blend an in-office, remote, and outsource team for your launch. The choice is entirely up to you. What you want is a team that can deliver and at the same time, help you save on cost. For your launch phase, you might consider delegating tasks to an outsourced service provider, and building a skeleton team for more pressing tasks. Once you’ve successfully launched your business, you can then start building a full in-office team. The good thing about hiring a service provider for specific tasks like answering office calls, order entries, or scheduling is that once you’ve built a good business relationship with them, you can easily seek their assistance anew for a project or temporary help with operations.

2. Timing

Successful business owners will tell you that having a brilliant product means nothing if you’re offering it at a time when there is no need for it. If your target audience doesn’t yet consider your product as a necessity or even a luxury they deserve, you can be certain they will not give it the time of day. In other words, when launching a business, timing is everything. This is why market research is a critical part of product development. Your audience must recognize their need for your product otherwise, you will have given your brand a death sentence even before it’s had the chance to get off the ground.

3. Tasks

This is related to the team you will be working with for your launch. You need to identify each task that needs to be done or accomplished for a successful launch, as well as those tasks that will be part of your day-to-day operations. Clearly defining tasks will greatly help streamline operations for effective and efficient service to your customers. Such tasks may involve marketing campaigns, market research, event planning, finance and budgeting, and so on.

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