How Does Live Outsourced Customer Service Enhance Customer Relations

When your team gets overwhelmed with the day-to-day, your customer support service could be negatively impacted. How so? Not all calls will be answered, or callers will be made to wait longer than acceptable (which is within 20 seconds of the call). If this is the norm with your customer support service, don’t be surprised if you don’t have repeat customers or your loyal patrons have decided to bring their business elsewhere.

What business owners must understand is that customer care isn’t static; that is, there is no one-size-fits all approach to customers’ needs because each one is unique. Customer service is dynamic. In other words, don’t use a general solution to a specific situation. To answer the unique and growing demands of your customers, you must learn how to scale your customer service. To put it another way, take the necessary steps to answer the changing needs of your customer base.

Outsourcing customer service

Whether it’s a call answering service or order entry, outsourcing some of your customer support services is an effective way of scaling customer care. For instance, with a live call answering service assigned to the customer inquiry number, you are, in effect, targeting two critical things: ensuring customers’ calls are answered promptly and potential leads are directed to the right personnel.

While your outsourced team is taking care of this aspect of customer care, your in-house customer support staff will have more time to take care of customer retention (complaints, concerns, or feedback).

Outsourcing order entry

Another aspect of customer service that often gets overlooked is ordering, particularly for small and medium businesses with online purchase portals. When a customer wants to order a product in the late hours of the evening but they have questions that need answered first before placing their order, who’s there to answer these questions?

A bot won’t do because it makes the customers feel unimportant, as if their business doesn’t matter. What happens then is they abandon the cart and look for another shop with a more accommodating and “real” customer support service personnel.

Thus, outsourcing order entry for specific hours of the night and early morning is something that every e-commerce business should consider. It’s also a cost-effective way of scaling your customer support service.

Find out how a live call answering service benefits your customer service

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