Call Screening Services Help Businesses Dodge Scam Callers

On average, you spend at least 30 seconds on every pre-recorded spam call you receive. In the United States alone, millions of Americans lose about $500 to a scam caller. According to data, U.S. citizens lost almost $3 billion to scam callers on the first half of 2021. Call screening services, spam call blocking software and apps, and number blocking features on mobile phones are some of the ways businesses and individuals in the U.S. dodge such fraudulent callers.

Professional call answering service

Live call answering services may include call screening (including screening for scam callers) if you specify in the agreement that you wish this service to be included. In general, providers of outsourced services that focus on routine office tasks design a call answering system according to the client’s preference, with their business goals and needs also taken into account.

Not all live call answering services providers offer call screening, however, so make sure to discuss this option with the provider if you wish this to be included in your outsourced virtual receptionist services.

How do scam calls make money off businesses?

Scam callers are becoming more and more creative with how they attract individuals, usually promising them instant money or too-good-to-be-true money-making schemes to unsuspecting individuals. With businesses, however, their approach is a little different.

For instance, they may say that they’re from your state’s business agency or regulatory department calling to verify your office address or the size and nature of your business. While this may seem innocent enough, businesses who gave out such information without properly verifying the identity of the caller usually find themselves being billed for something, usually a phone bill (where you were charged for the call, for instance).

This is why businesses, particularly small and medium-scale businesses lacking the resources and technology to block such calls, turn to outsourced call screening services to prevent them from falling prey to scam callers.

What other services can you expect from a professional call answering team?

Apart from screening calls, an outsourced live call answering service can also provide you with the following:

  • Virtual front desk receptionist
  • Voicemail handoff
  • Voicemail monitoring
  • And more…

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