Live Order Taking Answering Service Adds a Personal Touch to Customer Service

Digitization may have helped businesses streamline operations and reach a wider audience, but it isn’t without its downsides. For one, it has “robbed” consumers of that personal connection that makes them feel seen and heard. But for businesses that lack the resources to become fully digitized, outsourcing an order taking answering service has turned out to be a fortuitous decision as they are able to provide that personal touch that is so lacking in today’s highly digitized consumer landscape.

How does a live order taking answering service work?

A dedicated order entry team will be assigned to the client. The number of professional order-taking agents that your team will have will depend on your needs, preference, the number of products or services that you’re offering, your current customer base, and your anticipated new customers. If you are launching a new product or implementing a promo, you may need more people on your team. These details will be discussed with you by the provider to help them design a system for your organization.

Usually, businesses outsource order taking services to handle orders during off-hours, weekends, holidays, and peak season. It is during these times that more orders might be coming in, which means you will need all the help you can get to stay on top of customers’ orders.

Professionally trained live answering agents enhances customer’s buying experience

A live agent assigned to take orders will answer customers’ calls, take their order(s), and immediately place it on your website. This allows you to immediately see updated orders the following business day or during office hours. This also enables you to keep track of orders even when you’re out of the office.

Professionally trained order taking agents are also able to answer some of your customers’ questions regarding the product(s) they wish to order. So instead of being directed to a bot and given automated responses, your customers will be talking to a live agent on the other end of the line. This human interaction/connection is what most consumers these days truly appreciate because it makes them feel important.

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