Powersports Lifetime Battery Replacement: Coverage for Unexpected Expenses

Batteries power up vehicles, and every vehicle owner knows this, and yet, these are often one of the most neglected components of a vehicle, be it a regular sedan or a powersports vehicle like an ATV, UTV, or dirt bike. This is why dealerships offer such programs as powersports lifetime battery replacement; to ensure owners will get the batteries they need when they need it without a second thought to how much it’s going to cost.

All too often, vehicle owners take their batteries for granted, thinking these will always function as designed, neglecting the fact that these need to be regularly checked as well to ensure they’re properly charged and maintained.

An ATV battery, for instance, must be stored properly when the vehicle won’t be used for several months, usually in the winter. A fully charged and properly stored battery (inside the garage, away from wet surfaces) will last longer compared to one that has been left outdoors without charge. The batteries need to be regularly cleaned to prevent debris and dirt buildup.

How long do batteries last?

A properly maintained battery can last up to four years, sometimes five, depending on usage and maintenance.

Do you need a powersports lifetime battery replacement program?

The short answer is yes if you want peace of mind. This future expense usually comes unexpectedly. Vehicle owners know their batteries will need to be replaced at some point, but they’re just not expecting it to happen so soon. Usually, owners only know their batteries are in dire need of a replacement when the vehicle doesn’t start, no matter how many times they try. Or when the vehicle suddenly dies while in use. When this happens, the first thing that is usually checked is the battery.

What’s in it for you?

Battery replacement programs are pretty straightforward. You get a free replacement when your battery dies. The terms of this program depend on the provider and the dealership. For instance, with Torque Group’s lifetime battery replacement program, you get to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Battery replacement for the lifetime of ownership
  • Owners of qualified vehicles can purchase the program any time within the duration of ownership
  • No expiration; will be valid for the duration of vehicle ownership
  • Claims are paid within 20 to 30 minutes from the filing of the claim, ensuring customers won’t go out of budget because of this unexpected expense

For more questions about powersports lifetime battery replacement or to inquire about other F&I solutions, please feel free to contact. You may call (800) 859-0590.

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