Qualifications of a Good Dispatch Answering Service

If you’re looking to augment your Dispatch Center services with an outsourced Dispatch Answering Service, it would be best to take your time choosing a provider not only to protect your reputation, but more importantly, to protect the safety of your callers. Emergency situations require immediate response. Delays could cost lives.

What makes an excellent dispatch service? Here are a few factors that could help you choose the right one for your organization:

How long they’ve been providing their dispatch answering service

In any business, reputation and longevity say a great deal about the company. These are naturally not the only deciding factors to consider for any vendor, supplier, or provider you’re looking to do business with, but how long they’ve been in the industry will at least tell you that they already know the ins and outs of the business and the clients they serve.

Dispatcher training and experience

How are their dispatchers trained? Do they have the appropriate certifications or licenses (if applicable) that make them qualified to be an emergency dispatcher? Remember that you are looking for a dispatcher that can send the right help to the right people in a timely manner (which means in as short a time as possible). The dispatcher also needs to be calm at all times as panicking together with the caller could only make matters worse. In medical emergencies, for instance, the life of another person is in the hands of the dispatcher, so be highly discriminating when it comes to choosing your dispatch answering service provider.

Customized dispatch system

Last but not the least is the provider’s flexibility in terms of customizing a dispatch system that is the right fit for their organization or facility. It’s important to have your instructions followed down to the last detail to enable your team to promptly and accurately respond to the emergency. The provider should also be flexible enough to make changes that you wish incorporated in the script, spiel, or instructions at any time during the validity of your service agreement.

These three factors should help you get started on your search for the right outsourced dispatch service. Ask your team as well for their suggestions, inputs, and recommendations.

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