Dispatch Answering Service Ensures All Emergency Calls are Promptly Answered

In medical emergencies, every second counts. If emergency treatment is delayed by even a second or two, the situation can quickly escalate and the result could be fatal. This is why medical facilities that provide emergency care need a reliable dispatch answering service, to minimize the risk of delays that could turn fatal for a patient.

But it isn’t only the medical field that relies heavily on a professional dispatching center or dispatch service. Other businesses in the service industry need a reliable dispatch answering service too. From home improvement businesses to IT support, general contractor services, and more, these businesses need a dispatch center if they want to be able to promptly answer, and attend to, all emergency calls.

After-hours emergency response

For a lot of service-oriented businesses, the need for a 24-hour dispatch service is sometimes overlooked because their staff takes all emergency calls during office hours, and the appropriate personnel is dispatched, whether an emergency medical technician or EMT, a doctor, home repair specialist, law enforcement, or even a lawyer. For most, answering emergency calls during office hours is enough. Unfortunately, this isn’t plausible in a potentially life-threatening emergency. Ins some situations, immediate response is necessary to save a life.

Outsourced dispatch answering service provides a cost-effective solution for after-hours calls

If night shifts aren’t included in your organizational work hours, your best option is to outsource a professional dispatch answering service as it is more cost-effective than hiring a full-time staff to cover the night shift. It could also mean savings for your company as employees who work the night shift are generally paid higher compared to those who come in for work during regular office hours.

TAB Answer Network’s dispatch service provides you with a dedicated team of professionally trained live call answering agents to ensure all your emergency calls are answered promptly, and service is dispatched immediately to your location to assist you.

If you have special instructions regarding calls to your outsourced dispatch center, TAB Answer Network will see to it that these are followed down to the last detail to ensure your patients and customers get the assistance they need, even after office hours.

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