Call Screening Protocols

Answering office calls takes up precious time at work; time you could have spent on the finishing touches of a presentation or researching on data you need for a sales pitch. However, office calls are important and they should be answered promptly, which is why companies turn to call screening services; because employers know for a fact that a lot of the calls that come through at work are either scam calls or nuisance calls. And it is calls such as these that are a complete waste of time. With a caller screening service, you won’t have to waste another minute on a scam call.

What is a call screening service?

A call screening service is a type of service that identifies calls and decides whether these should be rerouted to designated personnel, rejected, or sent to voicemail.

Caller screening protocols

Depending on the service provider, there are various ways that a call may be screened. Typically, businesses have a phone system that features a caller ID function as well as call blocking. But these phone features don’t always suffice. Some important calls may be accidentally blocked or nuisance calls may likewise be accidentally accepted.

Other offices opt to go the more common route, which is letting calls go straight to voicemail. And from here, they will filter the calls. But this takes time. A more time-efficient and fool-proof caller screening method is through a live agent. Live agents may be given instructions on which calls to accept, block, or reject. Additionally, live call answering agents can perform another type of caller screening service: screening job applicants, registrants for an upcoming event, or callers responding to your survey or questionnaire.

Call screening improves efficiency in the workplace

Whether you’re going the automated route or you’d prefer the more reliable live agent for your caller screening service, there’s no doubt that this technique can significantly improve efficiency in the workplace as you’re basically getting rid of calls that could take your employees away from their current (and more important) tasks. You also save your company from potential scammers that could negatively impact your business.

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