Virtual Receptionist Services Help Boost Customer Retention

If there’s one thing that customers find deeply frustrating and annoying is the unreachability of the seller, shop, or company where they purchased a product or hired a service. This is where such outsourced services as virtual receptionist services become an important part of the company’s customer retention team. How so?

Virtual receptionist services ensure there is always someone to take the call

There are many reasons why companies may be difficult to reach, but most of the time, it’s simply because they don’t have enough manpower to handle all calls. Other times, employees are busy with their actual tasks that phones ringing off the hook are left unanswered. In either case, it’s a matter of not having enough people to take customers’ calls.

When you have a virtual receptionist that is solely dedicated to answering customers’ calls, you not only minimize the risk of earning your customer’s ire, but more importantly, you minimize the risk of losing your customer’s loyalty. People, more than anything, want to feel important and nothing says “VIP” to customers more than exceptional, personalized service every time.

A virtual receptionist answers calls promptly

Another thing that customers find frustrating, and irritating is being made to wait for their call to be answered. Phone etiquette dictates that calls should be answered within three rings, at most. If the caller is made to wait beyond those three rings, you can be certain that frustration will slowly build and the longer they are made to wait, the higher the risk of this frustration developing into full-blown anger. With a virtual receptionist on standby, you can be certain calls will be answered promptly and professionally.

Virtual receptionist services answer calls after office hours

When everyone has gone home, who takes the calls? There are times when customers will call after office hours, and while they know that there’s probably no one in the office, they will still make that call on the off-chance that someone might actually answer. Imagine their surprise when someone does answer and note down their concern. When you go the extra mile for your customers, you can be quite certain they won’t take their business somewhere else. They know you value them.

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