Virtual Answering Service: On-call Receptionist During Holidays

During special holidays where work is suspended like the Fourth of July or Thanksgiving Day, for instance, there should still be someone on stand-by to answer office calls, particularly if you are in a service-oriented business. When everyone is off work, consider hiring a virtual answering service to answer all incoming office calls during special holidays of the year.

In the United States, there are about ten official public or federal holidays. If these fall on a weekday, this could mean unanswered emergency office calls.

Virtual answering service to cover customer calls

While one would think that everyone will refrain from making office calls during federal holidays, you’d be surprised at how many calls are made during special holidays. Customers would assume that someone would be available to take their calls because it is part of customer service; and customer service should be available 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

If your business is service-oriented and you offer services such as home repair or plumbing, it’s even more important to have someone on standby to take calls because emergency repairs could be needed any time, even during public holidays. It would benefit your business if someone is always available to take calls from customers because you’re showing them that you are someone they can count on no matter the holiday or time of day.

A virtual answering service could be a more cost-effective alternative to having employees work on public holidays

Often, companies that need someone to oversee the office during holidays ask employees to come in for work, which means they are being paid a certain percentage more than their daily wage as is the case with paid work during federal holidays. If you need people to take care of calls 24/7, you may have to ask several employees to work overtime, so they can take daytime and nighttime shifts.

Additionally, this overtime work may not be welcomed by your employees since they would want to spend holidays with their loved ones too. With an outsourced live answering service that you hire only on days when everyone is off work provides you with a cost-effective solution to your holiday manpower. You won’t have to pay overtime wages, and your employees won’t feel negatively about being asked to come to work on a holiday. Considering all factors, a virtual receptionist provides a win-win solution for the company and its employees.

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